Computer starts but monitor says “no signal”

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To fix this, we recommend connecting the display cable from the graphics card to the display input port on your motherboard. You can also remove the graphics card from the system and check if the card works on another PC. If the failed to load steamui.dll monitor still shows No signal, the graphics card is most likely at fault. When the monitor does not receive any signal to its input port, you get the No Signal error message on the monitor. This can mean anything from a faulty cable to the graphics card/motherboard not sending any data. If your computer is connected to your monitor with a VGA or DVI cable, you need to check your video card. If there is no video card installed or is not working properly, you will only get a blank screen when starting up your computer.

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If your computer is connected with a VGA or DVI cable and you don’t have a video card installed, then it could be that your motherboard doesn’t support any of these connections. The motherboard should come with documentation on what kind of connections it helps. Try reseating all of the connections between the motherboard and video card and checking for bent pins on the motherboard. If you have a DVI cable, then you may have a bad video card. If your monitor has DVI, HDMI, and VGA connections, try using a different connection to see if you can get any video output.

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Restart your computer and Windows will automatically install the graphics driver on the startup. Uncheck Delete the driver software from this device. If you connect the second monitor to your Windows using a cable, you can try to wirelessly connect it to see whether the issue disappears. Use a different signal cable to check whether it is a cable issue. You can use the monitor’s built-in controls to check whether the correct input is selected.

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